Found Design Made

Masterminds behind Uprising’s Breadfall

at Harris Farm Markets

For most of you, the business Found Design Made may not be ringing any bells. But if you have had the chance to get yourself to the new Harris Farm on Darby Street, then you would have seen the jaw-dropping and marvellous Breadfall towering over the bakery section.

Sydney raised couple, Calista & George are the master minds being the creation - AND they built the entire thing themselves with their bare hands…impressive right!

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newcastle herald

Game Changer

Harris Farm Markets has declared the Darby Street store

its most successful launch ever

The bakery, which has a “Breadfall” operated by customers who pull on a rope to have their loaves lowered to them, is the most prominent feature of the store.

“What’s been really popular is the Uprising Bakery” the franchise spokesman James Kerridge says.”They’ve got a really loyal following…It’s magnificent set up they’ve got with the “Breadfall”.

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newcastle herald

Harris Banks on Darby

this is our flagship and our store of the future

Co-chief executive officer Luke Harris said the Cooks Hill store features its “world class” fruit and vegetables and other market “experiences”. There is also what he’d referred to as the “Willy Wonka bakery”.

“It’s a Breadfall - we are baking it, pulling it out of the oven and it goes onto the Breadfall … the customer pulls a rope and it dispenses in front of them and they put it in a bag” said Uprising’s Alice Lees.

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inside fmcg

Harris Farm Opens Flagship Store

Newcastle has been crying out for a grocery offering to match their tastes

Newcastle has a wealth of great artisans and we’re combining these local heroes with the best from our neighbourhoods in Sydney, all under one roof”, says Harris Farm Markets co-CEO Tristan Harris. Consumers can shop at Maryville’s Uprising Bakery. It has a five-metre Breadfall!              

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newcastle star

Harris Farm Opens on Darby St

One of the largest within Harris Farm’s portfolio

Harris Farm Markets has opened the doors to its flagship store on Darby Street. The store offers shoppers a farmers-style experience. Available is Maryville’s Uprising Bakery, which complements the store’s on-site bakery located on the mezzanine level with an impressive five-metre Breadfall.

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