who we are

We love what we do 

Found Design Made is a combination of two minds; Calista + George. Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We are instinctively creative. Design is part of our DNA.

With varying experiences, we are unified by our passion for the creative process.

Inspiration can be found in everyday objects. It is a subtle reminder to look more closely at what surrounds us. We like to use these everyday objects in unexpected ways. These objects become catalysts for our design ideas.

Found objects that are abandoned, neglected and weathered especially get our creative juices pumping. These little gems have a depth of character, a naturally unique personality. They take us in new and exciting directions.

At FDM, we encourage up-cycling and repurpose of materials. To make the most of any budget, we strive to be inventive and resourceful.

Design is a collaborative process. We don't have clients, we have partners. Each design is an opportunity to harness both the aspirations and operational requirements of our clients. Our design response is tailored to each client. No two designs are the same. 

Made with passion and commitment. We get excited about the details and share a common goal of creating designs with exceptional function. Our natural habitat is in our Sydney workshop. It's where the magic happens.

We are addicted to the energy of making exciting products that delight. We find joy in the interplay between found objects and contemporary production techniques.

Creativity, innovation and fine craftsmanship underpin our approach to create truly bespoke designs. It is the foundation of Found Design Made